Deep Tissue


Description: Using the basics of Swedish massage, this technique applies stronger pressure to affect deeper layers within the body. Massage techniques are slower and deeper, creating real change in the current body’s state.  Exploring deeper layers of bound tissue. Recommendation: Ongoing or Chronic Pain Injury Rehabilitation General therapeutic care [...]

Treatment Massage


Description: Scheduled treatment plan.  Involves intensive client medical history to find and explore the root cause of their symptoms, requires long term commitment to consistent weekly/bi-weekly sessions to get ahead of the symptoms, to work as a team with the therapist to get and and maintain a better quality of life, and sometimes completely eliminate [...]

Thai Massage


Description: You've never felt this good, it opens up all your tension, limbering, freeing and different than anything you have experienced. Thai is 90-120 min whole body deep tissue session performed with the client fully clothed and lying on a special Thai mat on the floor. It is  a therapeutic modality performed using a unique [...]

Myofascial Release


Description: Working with the body on a fascial level to create changes within the body's complex fascial web. Fascia is the web that holds our muscles and tendons in place, and is necessary to manipulate when injury or long standing bad postural habits have made fascia hold our muscles in incorrect positions. Fascial release is [...]

Lymphatic Massage


Description: Lymphatic massage requires working with your body's immune defense system.  This type of massage is beneficial for severe or old injuries that have caused lymphedema (fluid swelling) and to boost the start of the body’s natural lymphatic flow. Recommendation: Reduce inflammation and swelling Promote detoxification.  



Description: Cranio-sacral therapy is a very light subtle touch at your head and sometimes sacrum or along your spine; clearing bound fascia, adhesion, as well as balancing cranium and spinal fluids. Adjustments at the skull and sacrum can sometimes have dramatic impacts throughout the rest of your body, but can sometimes are too subtle to [...]