About Julie

About Julie

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Julie Stewart, LMP

Licensed Massage Practitioner

LMP License MA60426745

My name is Julie Stewart. I am a Licensed Massage Practitioner with the state of WA. I am passionate about massage because it is very beneficial to the human body inside and out. Not only is it a touch with therapeutic intention, it absolutely has a positive effects on ALL systems of the body not limited to the integumentory (skin) or muscular (muscles), but it also has the ability to affect the other systems in our body; cardiovascular, digestive, skeletal, endocrine, nervous, respiratory, immunity, excretory and reproductive systems.What does that mean to you? Well, if you have anxiety, depression, PTSD, massage can help manage that. If you have chronic pain, massage can help you function or lesson the severity of your pain. If you have stress, massage can bring you back to a rested state where your body’s ability to restore itself can be reinstated. If you have a physical injury, massage can aid in the repair process. If you have constant or reoccurring headaches and/or migraines, massage can manage, sometimes illuminate, and sometimes prevent them.We face many challenges throughout our lives, some are physical, and some are emotional, while for many of us, it is both. Allowing  or creating space for your own body to correct these traumas through massage therapy, can change your life for the better.

My goal as your massage practitioner, is to listen to you, listen to your body, and create a positive change that will improve your body and your life. We will work together as a team to accomplish that.

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