//You Want to Break Free – Just Listen

You Want to Break Free – Just Listen

This morning, when you swung your legs out of bed, your body likely reminded you of some things.  Your back mentioned it didn’t appreciate being bent over that laptop all day.  Your neck muttered some choice things about your pillow you’ve had since you were in middle school.  We’re used to those little complaints, we even mention them out loud but we don’t listen.  We would never treat anyone close to us the way we treat our own bodies, and whether it wants to be or not, it’s stuck with us.  What if, instead of waiting until something so painful happens we can no longer ignore it, we listened? What if we not only listened, but did something about it?  I know this is my passion, but massage can change that moment for you, making you both conscious of those things and giving you the ability to do something about it!

Today I challenge you to take care of yourself in some way, no matter how small. Just a little hug to yourself.  You deserve it.