//Alternative and Conventional Medicine are a Powerful Combination

Alternative and Conventional Medicine are a Powerful Combination

There is an ongoing healthcare debate between alternative and conventional treatment, but the key is not Or it is AndAlternative and conventional medicine together are a powerful combination. 

Communication is a powerful treatment tool.  Working in tandem we can design a treatment plan that addresses the whole body and has lasting positive effects.  We can get beyond treating symptoms and address the root cause.

Massage has proven positive effects on ALL systems of the body and has been used to successfully treat ongoing or chronic pain, injury, rehabilitation; emotional/mental/and sleep imbalances for stress management, anxiety, depression and PTSD.  For expectant and new mothers, sciatica, birth preparation, swelling in pregnancy, and torticollis, colic, constipation, GERD, and digestive irregularities in babies.  Massage modalities can be tailored or combined for long term measurable improvements.

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